Who’s arming Israel? Mapping UK sites linked to Israeli state terror 

This is the first part of a project naming and locating arms companies or industry organisations in the UK that sustain Israeli state terror and Palestinian genocide. These are companies which produce military equipment which is sold to Israel, such as radar systems, F-35 fighter jets and missile release mechanisms.

Some addresses listed here are factories used to manufacture weapons components that are sold to the Israeli government. However, Corporate Watch would like to emphasise that this is not the case for every address; a number are office sites, and some addresses belong to their subsidiaries – these are included even if there’s no available evidence that those subsidiaries themselves trade with Israel. Lastly, we also include sites belonging to arms industry organisations whose members include many companies which trade with Israel.

Each section includes a drop-down menu of addresses and (where available) phone numbers.

UK arms to Israel

Israel’s bombardment of Gaza has been unrelenting since the Hamas attacks on October 7, 2023. At the time of writing, Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) have murdered over 22,000 people. Well over 8,000 of these victims have been children. More than 90% of the Gazans (2.3 million people) who have survived so far, are now displaced and homeless in a situation humanitarian workers have described as “apocalyptic”. Despite a brief ceasefire, there’s no end in sight to the devastation, as the IDF is now obliterating Southern Gaza –  despite initially telling people to flee there.  Meanwhile, arms manufacturers’ profits are booming. Amid the surge in demand for arms, shares in BAE Systems, for instance, rocketed up by 12p in just the first three weeks of the conflict alone, increasing the firm’s overall value by just under £1bn.  

Data from Campaign Against the Arms Trade (CAAT) shows that since 2008 the UK has approved £560m in export licences to Israel. But the true value of UK-Israel exports is shrouded in secrecy because the British government also approved 88 “unlimited-value” or open licences where the value is not known. Global Legal Action Network (GLAN) notes that open licence exports:

 include components for the F35 stealth combat aircraft currently being used in the bombardment of Gaza, as well as body armour, military communications equipment, military electronic equipment, components for military radars and targeting equipment, naval vessel components, and much more.

On 6th December, UK-based GLAN and Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq sought a judicial review to challenge UK arms export licences to Israel. Al-Haq lawyer Ahmed Abofoul stressed the UK’s “legal and moral obligation to not grant licences for the sale of British weapons to regimes that commit atrocity crimes”.

A Palestinian man sitting next to dead bodies wrapped in white sheets

Addresses and Sources

The information here is sourced from financial databases and UK company register Companies House, with addresses cross-referenced with sources such as company job listings and Google Maps. All the information is already in the public domain, although some is hidden behind subscription paywalls.

As mentioned, while the parent company produces weapons sold to Israel, there isn’t necessarily evidence all subsidiaries do. It is therefore likely that some subsidiaries will deny involvement, even if they are all part of the same deadly profit-making machinery.

Subsidiaries can be best thought of as the ‘children’ of the parent company. They are majority - or wholly - owned by the parent, meaning the parent has the ultimate say over decisions affecting the company. The parent and subsidiary may share a number, if not all, the same directors. They may be directly managed by the executive team of the parent, or by a separate team. Since they are part of the same group of companies, a chunk of their revenue and profits are likely to be sent up to the parent, and capital may be supplied to the subsidiary from the parent.

One reason for creating subsidiaries is to access different markets; another is to reduce the risks associated with having all assets resting in a single company.

Lockheed Martin

Lockheed Martin is the world’s biggest arms company by revenue.

Research by CAAT reveals that Lockheed’s MLRS M270 rocket launcher has been used in Gaza for the first time since 2006, and that they’re made by a consortium of European and British companies.

Lockheed Martin is also the prime contractor for F-35 stealth bombers which it boasts are the “most lethal…fighter aircraft ever built”. A recent human rights challenge to the export of F-35 parts by campaigners in the Netherlands was dismissed by a court in The Hague, albeit the judge ruled that the fighters “contributed to possible war crimes” in Gaza.

The UK provides 15% of the components used to build these fighter jets, with CAAT estimating that each F-35 is worth around $12m (£9.5m) to the UK. In 2022 alone, this is likely to have netted the UK over £58m.

In October 2023, a deal was approved for Israel to buy an additional 25 F-35s. And it’s worth noting that Israel uses a specially-adapted version of the bomber called Adir which has additional “internal weapons bays”. Although Lockheed historically refused to modify the F35, it relented for Israel. Recent IDF propaganda is celebratory about the devastating impact of airstrikes in Gaza using its Adir bombers.

Head Office:

Cunard House, 15 Lower Regent Street, London SW1Y 4LR

Tel: 0207 823 0700

Lockheed Martin UK Holdings Limited

Manning House, 22 Carlisle Place, London SW1P 1JA

Tel: 020 7798 2850

According to Companies House, the registered address is:

C/O Lockheed Martin UK Limited, Legal Counsel, Building 7000, Langstone Park Langstone Havant Hampshire PO9 1SW

Lockheed Martin UK Ampthill

Reddings Wood, Ampthill, Pine View Park, Bedford MK45 2HD

Tel: 0152584100

RAF Marham UK F-35s are based here: RAF Marham, Upper Marham, King's Lynn PE33 9NP


Clyde Submarine Base, Faslane, Helensburgh G84 8HL

Tel: 01436 655099

0239 244 3000


Torishima Building Unit 3-4, Brook Lane, Westbury, BA13 4ES


Land Warfare Centre (Army), Imber Rd, Warminster, Wiltshire, BA12 0DJ


D2h Buildings, RNAS Culdrose, Helston, Cornwall, TR12 7RH

Lockheed Martin Helicopter Company Ltd

 Legal Counsel Building 7000, Langstone Technology Park, Langstone PO9 1SW

Unit 1250, Lansdowne Court, Gloucester Business Park, Brockworth, Gloucester GL3 4AB (BAE Systems are also based at this location).

Office at the UK Space Gateway, Oxford:

Quad Two, Rutherford Avenue, Harwell Campus, Didcot, Oxford OX11 0DF

Lockheed Martin UK Strategic Systems Ltd.

15 Atholl Crescent, Edinburgh EH3 8HA

Companies House lists registered address as: 28 Albyn Place, Aberdeen, United Kingdom, AB10 1YL

Defence Contractor Management and Operations Limited

Hill House, 1 Little New Street, London EC4A 3TR

Tel: 44 11 8982 4585

However, the company changed its registered address on Companies House in late 2022 to Serco House, 16 Bartley Way, Hook, England, RG27 9UY


Who else is making F-35 bombers?  

Aside from Lockheed Martin, many other companies are involved in making F-35s. CAAT has identified a number of components being manufactured in the UK:

  • The rear fuselage: BAE Systems
  • The active interceptor system (part of the flight controls): BAE Systems
  • Durability testing: BAE Systems
  • Ejector seats: Martin-Baker
  • Tyres: Dunlop Aircraft Tyres
  • Refuelling probe: Mission Systems Wimborne Ltd.
  • Laser-targeting system: Leonardo UK

Rear fuselage:

BAE Systems, Samlesbury Aerodrome, Building S609, Myerscough Smithy Rd, Balderstone, Myerscough Smithy, Blackburn BB2 7LF, Tel: 01254 812371

The active interceptor system:

BAE Systems, Marconi Way, Chatham, Rochester ME1 2XX

Tel: 01634 844400. Note: CAAT has indicated that this is a major site of production for components for F-35s and Israel’s F-16s.

Durability testing:

BAE Systems, Saltgrounds Rd, Brough HU15 1EQ, Tel: 01482 667121

Ejector seats:

Martin-Baker, Lower Rd, Denham, Uxbridge UB9 5AJ. Its headquarters are located on a “wholly company-owned 22-acre site”. Tel: 01895 832214

Martin Baker also has a manufacturing and testing site in Oxfordshire: Chalgrove Airfield, Sir James Martin Way, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire, OX44 7RJ, Tel: 01865 892234


Dunlop Aircraft Tyres, 40 Fort Parkway, Birmingham B24 9HL, Tel: 0121 384 8800

Refuelling probe: 

Formerly known as Cobham Mission Systems, this company was sold in 2021 to the multinational conglomerate, Eaton, which also supplies parts for F-16s: Brook Rd, Wimborne, BH21 2BJ, Tel: 01202 882121.

Laser-targeting system:

Leonardo UK, Crewe Toll, 2 Crewe Road North, Edinburgh, EH5 2XS, Tel: +44 (0)131 332 2411

Elbit Systems

Elbit is Israel’s biggest military and arms company. It has frequently bragged about the effectiveness of its hardware as “battle proven” a claim borne out through years of attacks on Gaza and the Occupied Territories. Who Profits has produced an in-depth report on the full horror of Elbit’s range and use of weapons in Palestine. The company is a world leader in developing remote warfare products including: “lethal and intelligence gathering robots, drones/UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), targeted mortar ammunition, surveillance systems and more”.

Elbit subsidiaries include:

  • UAV Tactical Systems Ltd (U-TacS) – The UK government has been working with Israel on UAV technology since at least 2005 in a deal initially worth at least £1bn to develop the Watchtower drone project. The Ministry of Defence (MoD) signed a contract with UAV Tactical Systems Ltd (U-TacS) – a joint venture between  Thales UK and Elbit Systems UK to develop the Watchtower drone. The company is still owned by those two firms.
  • Instro Precision Ltd – According to CAAT, this Elbit subsidiary makes “targeting equipment for troops and vehicles and hold export licenses to Israel – this equipment is likely used in Israel’s ground operations”.
  • Elite KL Ltd – Produces a range of military-grade products that Palestine Action claims are “essential for the production of Israel’s Merkava tanks”. 

Elbit Systems UK

Head office:

77 Kingsway, London, England, WC2B 6SR

But also listed on the web and on Companies House as:

2 Temple Back East, Bristol, England, BS1 6EG

This address is used by a law firm Osborne Clarke LLP, and it may serve as Elbit Systems UK’s legal/correspondence office.

Elbit Systems (factory)

600 Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4SD


Affinity is the name of a joint venture between Elbit and Kellogg Brown & Root Ltd (KBR) which provides military flight training services and operates via a number of companies:

Affinity Capital Works Limited

Hill Park Court, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead KT22 7NL

Now registered at:

Hangar 29 Raf Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, NG34 8HB (but previous address is still current for KBR).

Affinity Flying Services Limited and Affinity Flying Training Services Limited 

Registered office address:

Hangar 29 Raf Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, NG34 8HB

Also based at:

Hangar 115 RAF Valley, Minffordd Rd, Holyhead, Anglesea LL65 3NY

Hangar 559. RAF Barkston Heath, Ancaster, Lincolnshire,

Affinity is 50% owned by Kellog, Brown and Root Ltd.KBR which can be found at:

  • KBR, Hill Park Court, Springfield Drive, Leatherhead, England, KT22 7NL
  • KBR, 1 Marischal Square, Broad Street, Aberdeen, AB10 1BL
    United Kingdom +44 (0) 1224.034597

Ferranti Technologies / Esuk Aerospace And Simulation

Palestine Action celebrated Elbit selling Ferranti Technologies to TT Electronics in January 2022 after persistent direct action. Press releases following the sale noted: “The remaining business of Ferranti, including training and simulation, avionics, display systems, aircrew survival systems, platform protection and computing, are planned to be integrated into Elbit Systems UK”.

Companies House records show it's effectively still operational. A company called Esuk Aerospace And Simulation (Group) Limited - formerly known as Ferranti - is still owned by Elbit Systems, a change which took place in May 2023. Esuk, is simply an abbreviation of Elbit Systems UK.

Registered address:

Cairo House, Greenacres Road, Waterhead, Oldham, Lancashire, OL4 3JA

In April 2023, Esuk registered a change of "inspection address" from 2 Temple Back East Temple Quay Bristol BS1 6EG England to 5th Floor Halo Counterslip Bristol BS1 6AJ.

UAV Engines Limited

Lynn Lane, Shenstone, Litchfield, Staffs, WS14 0DT

Tel: +44 1543 481 819

UAV Tactical Systems Ltd (U-TacS)

UNIT F, Meridian Business Park, Meridian E, Leicester LE19 1WZ

Instro Precision Ltd

Sentinel House Artillery Way, Discovery Park, Sandwich, Kent, United Kingdom, CT13 9FL

Elite KL Ltd

Elite House Sandy Way, Amington Industrial Estate, Tamworth, Staffordshire, B77 4DS

This interactive map shows the names and addresses of all UK-based companies linked to Elbit. (However, Corporate Watch has not yet verified that all these addresses are up-to-date.)


Leonardo UK is a subsidiary of Italy’s largest arms company. In November 2022, the US subsidiary Leonardo DRS completed a merger with Israeli radar company Rada. Leonardo’s complicity in this technology is significant. The Rada website states that the radar network “covers the entire Gaza strip”.

Leonardo also supplies Israel with “Aermacchi M-346 aircraft and components for its Apache attack helicopters”. As mentioned, the laser targeting system for F-35 fighter jets is made at the Edinburgh site, below.

Leonardo subsidiaries include:

  • Selex ES International Limited – In 2014, Leonardo subsidiary Selex issued a denial that any of its Gabbiano radars were sited in Israel. However, this seems to stand in contradiction to a 2011 announcement stating: “Selex Galileo will provide Gabbiano-series radars for Elbit Systems’ Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 unmanned air vehicles”. Another press release announced a deal between Italian and Israeli space agencies for SELEX Galileo to design, develop and deliver “a new hyperspectral instrument for the SHALOM mission”.
  • AgustaWestland International Limited – AgustaWestland is now Leonardo’s helicopter subsidiary. According to the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, it makes “components for Apache attack helicopters” that Israel has used in Gaza. While the company is still officially active, it has been lying low since its involvement in a corruption case emerged in India in 2012 known as “Choppergate”.

Leonardo Uk

5th Floor, One Eagle Place, St James, London, SW1Y 6AF, UK


300 Capability Green, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU1 3PG

Tel. +44 (0)1582 886000 (Air/Electronic warfare)


Crewe Toll, 2 Crewe Road, North Edinburgh, EH5 2XS

Tel: +44 (0)131 332 2411 (Radars and lasers)


2 Alpha Court, Kingsley Road, Lincoln LN6 3TA

Tel: +44 (0) 1522 814800 (Electronic warfare and cyber training)


Lysander Road, Yeovil, Somerset BA20 2YB

Tel: +44 (0)1935 475222 (Helicopters, and its largest UK base by personnel, this is also the registered address of some of its subsidiaries ).


430 Coldharbour Lane, Bristol Business Park, Bristol, BS16 1EJ

Tel: +44 (0)117 9880033 (Cyber and homeland security)


Sigma House/Lambda House, Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3EL, United Kingdom (Thermal imaging/radar also registered office for subsidiaries Sigma ES  and Leonardo MW Ltd)

Tel: +44 (0)1268 823400


First Avenue, Millbrook Industrial Estate, Southampton, SO15 0LG

Tel: +44 (0)2380 514100 (communications, infra-red detectors,)

Selex ES International Limited

Sigma House/Lambda House, Christopher Martin Road, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3EL

AgustaWestland International Limited

Lysander Road, Yeovil BA20 2YB, Tel: +44 1935 475222


Moog produces motion control technology for military, aerospace, medical and industrial uses. The company states that it makes components for the M-346 at sites in Tewkesbury and Wolverhampton:

Moog Aircraft Group Tewkesbury (registered company address)

Ashchurch Industrial Estate, Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, GL20 8NA, Telephone: +44  1684 296600

Moog has a second site in Tewkesbury:

Moog Aircraft Group Tewkesbury

Moog Aircraft Group Wolverhampton

Valiant Way, Wolverhampton, West Midlands WV9 5GB, Tel: +44 1902 397700

Moog Controls Ltd is based in Luton:

Digital Airfield Solutions, Unit C, Airport Executive Park, President Way, Luton, Bedfordshire, LU2 9NY, Tel: +44 1582 483111

Moog’s official “Space and Defence location” can be found at:

Moog Reading Ltd, 30 Suttons Business Park, Reading Berkshire, RG6 1AW

Redmayne Engineering

A privately owned British aerospace company. Back in 2006, it was identified as supplying components for Israel’s Apache helicopters. It currently holds approvals (meaning it meets standards to enter contracts) to supply parts to a number of companies including Leonardo, BAE and Boeing.


Redmayne Engineering Ltd, Gordleton Ind Park, Lymington, Hampshire SO41 8JD, Tel: +44 1590 682994


Unit 19, Romsey Ind Est, Greatbridge Road, Romsey SO51 0HR, Tel: +44 (0) 1794 830832



All the companies listed in our reports are members of ADS group – the British arms trade association, which represents nearly 1500 arms and security companies.

As the ADS website likes to brag, the defence sector has a £28.8bn turnover, with exports worth £7.4bn (over a three-year average). This figure also reveals just how limited the value of recorded (as opposed to open) licences truly is.

Head office:

Salamanca Square, 9 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7SP

+44 (0) 20 7091 4500

ADS Group - Farnborough

Show Centre, ETPS Road, Farnborough Aerodrome, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6FD

+44 (0)20 7091 4500

ADS Scotland

Phase 2, 2 Crewe Road North, Edinburgh, EH5 2XS

+44 (0)131 343 8931


Search for member companies here and for upcoming ADS events here.


Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) (formerly, Defence Electronics and Components Agency (DECA) is a Ministry of Defence procurement organisation and as such, it awards contracts on behalf of the ministry and lists its major customers as:

Ministry of Defence, BAE Systems, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, Thales, Rolls Royce, GE Aviation, Raytheon, L3 Wescam, Allied Aerosystems, Ferranti, Agusta Westland, United States Department of Defence, Boeing, EADS, Selex, Aerosonic Corporation, DSTL, CMCAuk, Lockheed Martin, d+m Systems Test, Electroservices, Kallista Electronics Ltd, Ridgeway Components Ltd, MBDA, Terradyne, Trescal, SerCo and Qioptiq.

DE&S has locations around the UK, including Western Europe’s biggest ammunition depot.


MOD Abbey Wood, Stoke Gifford, Bristol BS34 8JH map here.

MOD Sealand has been described as the “principal repair hub for F-35” bombers.

MOD Sealand, Welsh Road, Deeside, Flintshire CH5 2LS

An archived site (current in August 2023) lists twelve further DE&S sites which include Defence Munitions (DM) Kineton, called the “largest ammunition depot in Western Europe”. The 2,500-acre site even has its own railway line that connects to mainland lines. Map here.


Buildings destroyed by bombs in Gaza

Part two will cover more companies linked to the ongoing genocide, including those linked to manufacturing components for bombs and chemical weapons. It will also include more detail about BAE Systems – the UK’s biggest arms company.

Images via Wikimedia Commons