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“Bleeding” veggie burger has “no basis for safety,” according to FDA (News/Press Release)
Documents show that makers of the “Impossible Burger” ignored FDA’s warnings about safety of burger’s key GMO ingredient
The Wisdom of G.O.A.T.S (Global Overview Assessments of Technological Systems) (Briefing)
A Proposed Approach to Science, Technology & Innovation (STI) Governance for Sustainability
A civil society briefing on Geoengineering (Briefing)
Climate change, smoke and mirrors
Civil society: “Oil companies should not author IPCC report” (News/Press Release)
108 organizations urged IPCC to review flagrant conflict of interest of allowing two oil company employees to co-author a crucial report on global warming
Trump Administration Inflates Geoengineers’ Balloon (News/Press Release)
Harvard scientists in Washington talk up stratospheric geoengineering experiments that would violate UN decision
2016: The Year that Wasn't Normal (News/Press Release)
ETC Group's Long-Awaited 2016 Year-in-Review
Four Steps Forward, One Leap Back on Global Governance of Synthetic Biology (News/Press Release)
UN Biodiversity Convention grapples with threats posed by extreme biotech industry
UN Convention still says “No” to manipulating the climate (News/Press Release)
UN Convention on Biological Diversity reaffirms its moratorium on climate-related geoengineering
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