Security Games: Surveillance, repression and activism around the London 2012 Olympics

Britain launched its biggest peace time security operation ever ahead of

Calais: Olympics border control repression

Members of the group Calais Migrant Solidarity tell Corporate Watch about

Soldiers trained in snatch squad tactics for the Olympics

“Large numbers” of soldiers from the Parachute Regiment and a dedicated

Cuadrilla under pressure from Fracktivists

This month activists have continued to campaign against the introduction of

G4S dumps UPM, chooses new partners to house asylum seekers

The short-lived affair between G4S and United Property Management (UPM) has

‘I was so frozen by stress after having my benefits stopped’

Karen Stromberg from the London Coalition Against Poverty describes the suffering

Revealed: the punishing reality of the coalition’s welfare reforms

Sanctioning – stopping someone’s benefits after a perceived infringement of the

Benefit claimant forced to accept Jubilee steward position for less than minimum wage

A benefit claimant was told by the Jobcentre that she would

Is this the UK comeback of GM?

The growing pro-GM stance expressed by mainstream media and politicians, together

Death on the lake: British oil company’s role in Congo killings exposed

Five years since the killing of six Congolese, including a three-year-old

Many reasons to stop G4S

A wave of protests and campaigns against G4S in the UK

Care UK Factsheet, May 2012

Care UK, May 2012 Download the factsheet at the bottom of

Biomass exploitation: the developing biomass industry in the UK

Biomass is the latest energy source touted as a way to

Blacklisted workers and NHS staff challenge construction companies

Corporate Watch delves into the shady world of worker blacklists, with

A4e turns to Tory lobbyists

Its employees have been arrested, an internal review suggesting widespread fraud