An unhealthy business: major healthcare companies use tax havens to avoid millions in UK tax

While in public they have been presenting themselves as the future

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There is something going on in Gerze, a little village in

British Gas HQ occupied over fuel poverty

On 30th January 2012 activists from Fuel Poverty Action occupied the

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A new campaign has been started in Yorkshire in opposition to

Blacklisted agency workers cannot be protected by court

The Central London Employment Tribunal has ruled that, although security services

Government misled parliament over nuclear power

A new report by Unlock Democracy and The Association for the

To pay or not to pay: Asda and Argos choose workfare over work

The campaign against workfare has claimed some major successes over the

Profiting from ‘peanuts’: the DFID’s new plans in India

  There has been a predictably indignant reaction to the news

Tar sands latest

The Keystone XL Pipeline in the US is delayed in the

Charitable exploitation: workfare in Barnardo’s

It’s not only multinationals that are benefiting from the free labour

Battle over fracking continues

A new report has found that exploiting shale gas reserves would

Asylum seekers to be housed by prison guards

The UK Border Agency has announced that its preferred bidders for

Under the microscope: pathology gets the Serco treatment

GSTS Pathology, the joint venture between Serco, ‘the biggest company you’ve

The new trend of biomass plantations in Brazil: tree monocultures

Winnie Overbeek from the World Rainforest Movement (WRM) reports for Corporate